Air force commander shot in Benghazi hit-and-run attack

Air force commander Mahmoud Berrhouma has been shot in both legs, in what appears to have been a hit-and-run attack by an armed robber

The incident happened on Monday afternoon in the Garyounis district of Benghazi

“The man came up to Mahmoud, told him to hand over his car keys and then shot him in the legs”, Berrhouma’s brother said

“He stole the car and left my brother in a pool of blood

In the past few months Benghazi has witnessed a series of attacks on senior military personnel with links to the previous regime

Fourteen have been murdered so far this year, in what appears to be a systematic assassination campaign, and many more wounded

The fact that the man deliberately fired at Berrhouma’s legs suggests the attacker did not intend for the shooting to be fatal, making it unlikely the incident was part of that campaig


Libya Herald