Libya New Cabinet Expected by September 8, Three Congress Members Banned

The Libyans who so enthusiastically took part in the first-ever free election in Libya on July 7 and elected a national assembly to lead it through an important transitional period as it tries to rebuild the country after the ousting of the dictatorial regime of Muammar Gaddafi last year, is bound to learn of the members forming the cabinet of government ministers by September 8

The date has just been announced by the elected National Congress that said it would be nominating the ministers forming the newly elected government on this day. The various ministers, including the Prime Minister will then be able to assume responsibility for the various sectors of society like any democratically elected government

In this way, the Congress would be following the August 3, 2011 Constitutional Declaration, giving it 30 days from its first sitting on August 9 to name a Prim Minister to lead the newly appointed cabinet

Until such day, the National Congress will keep on discussing the best criteria to use in selecting the cabinet and whether it would select the ministers from within it to co-opt others

Meanwhile, following an investigation by the Congress’ Integrity Commission three of the elected members have been suspended because of their connections with the former Gaddafi regime

The commission’s spokesman, Omar Al-Hassabi has been quoted by Reuters saying that the Commission “discovered the three representatives were either members of the Gaddafi Revolutionary Guards or involved in criminal anti-revolutionary activities

He went on to say that for this reason, on Wednesday morning the National Congress, was advised to suspend the membership of Annifishi Abdussalam Abdul Manee, from Tarhouna; Salma Ekhail, a National Forces Alliance member from Zliten; and Ibrahim Mohamed Eddah from Obari, who is a member of the Libyan Party for Liberty and Development. They have ten days to appeal the decision


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