New government to be formed on 8 September

The National Congress has officially announced that ministers will be nominated to form a new government no later than 8 September

Under the Constitutional Declaration of 3 August 2011, the Congress was given a maximum of 30 days to appoint a new prime minister and cabinet from the date of its first sitting

The Congress held its first session on 9 August this year

Congress spokesman Omar Hmaidan said that discussions were still being held regarding the selection criteria, including whether members of the government can have dual nationality or foreign spouses

Importantly, the question of whether or not the executive will be separate from the legislature during this next phase of Libya’s democratic transition appears not yet to have been determined. Hmaidan said the question of whether government ministers could be selected from within the Congress had yet to be decided

It has also been proposed that any nominees for government office must have the backing of at least 20 Congress member


Libya Herald